RNC2016 Cleveland, Day 4

RNC2016 has come and gone. Many thanks to Marcus Yam, and Yunghi Kim for support, good conversation, and logistical assistance in the field locating subject matter. Couldn't have done it without you two. Met lot's of interesting characters, and a handful of new colleagues. I look forward to a burgeoning future of work. Thanks for looking.


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RNC2016 Cleveland, Day 1

It seems that the real story of RNC 2016 is shaping up to take place on the actual floor of the convention – not in the streets as so many sources have foretold. Perhaps Cleveland has experienced enough violence that the people will remain peaceful throughout the demonstrations, marches, and speeches. I sure hope so. 


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RNC2016 Cleveland, Day 0

After a full day at work that began at 4 a.m., I came home, loaded the car and hit the road to do what we do. Walked a lot, sweated A LOT, and worked a peaceful demonstration on the eve of RNC2016. I'll be back tomorrow ... Time to clean up and get some shut eye, for who knows what tomorrow holds!


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