UH Dover for Novarad.

Picked up a new client through my #nppa listing – it still pays to be a member! ; ) Here's the work from that job which will eventually be presented as a client case study for that hospital. 

Liz, 35 weeks

If you haven't already heard the #news, we're expecting ... any day now. So, here's my beautiful wife photographed at home, 35 weeks pregnant.


THIS guy. This guy was one of the most dynamic of all the oddballs, and slightly obscene characters that crossed our paths over the course of our week long New Orleans vacation. We were looking for some relief from the suffocating crowd during the Creole Tomato Festival, which was really just an excuse to conjure up every imaginable iteration of a bloody mary. A path led us out of the old French Market, across the railroad tracks, and to a nice little patch of greenery on one of the river's banks. Then, THIS guy stops dead on the tracks, and I make a few frames - all the while firing off questions. What have you got for sale?