Liz, 35 weeks

If you haven't already heard the #news, we're expecting ... any day now. So, here's my beautiful wife photographed at home, 35 weeks pregnant.

Family time just gets better and better!

I just can't get enough of the love of my life, and her (my extended) family. The time spent together just gets better and better with every passing moment. We had a nice visit after a long work day (for me), filled with awesome food, music, legos, laughter, a brief deluge of rain, and of course ... stories. On the way out the door, Liz sidelined her sisters kids for a quick couple Shel Silverstein stories on the front porch. Good times ... and, many more to come.

The Love of My Life

Without Liz, I would not be here today. I know, I know – it oft sound so cliché. But, we've grown so much together over the course of our eight years of marriage. Every day gets better and better. And every day cannot possibly begin, or end without her presence in some shape or form. Somehow, she has exactly what I need at any given moment. How is this possible?

I love her. Forever.

Sorry, honey ... I'm drinking your blueberry stout. Again.