Our son has arrived!

We turned in for the night around 11pm on Friday, and shortly thereafter Liz alerted me that "it's time!" After spending a few minutes with adrenaline pumping, I scrambled to get everything needed for the hospital into the car, call my boss, Liz's sister, and then the water broke! Thankfully, she had diligently spent the last couple months organizing and packing what was needed, thereby making the process so smooth. Despite our hospital being so close, the speed of contractions while driving – less than a minute apart, I still ended up high tailing it down the middle of Market St., wanting to avoid at all costs having a car baby. In the thick of it, Liz was amazingly still lucid enough to navigate, getting us to the top deck of the parking garage where the entrance for L&D is located! We walked in, stopping a few times as contractions continued, got into our room, and Charles 'Charlie' Andrew Dolph was born at 12:45am on 5/5/18, weighing in at 8lbs. 3.4 oz. and 21" long. 

My mom is fond of recanting what was happening on the day before my birth. So, here'a a few pictures that detail what I was up to the day before Charlie's birth – from the weather, to an assignment I was on; and from what Liz was doing, the weather (again), and our 10 minute race to the hospital from my mileage tracker app.

I can't speak highly enough about the level of care received from the staff here at Akron City Hospital. As for the mind blowing experience of birth, here's a few frames from my iPhone. I'm still speechless. 

Images from the big camera.

Day two brought about some much needed visits from family, including our older son – Alex, whom will soon graduate high school! Yes, we are starting anew. Crazy, right? We think it's a wonderful blessing.

Heading home!