Travel Photography

Mom. Need I say more?

I miss you every day.

I know you're just a phone call away.

But, it's just not enough.

Why must we live so far?

The Love of My Life

Without Liz, I would not be here today. I know, I know – it oft sound so cliché. But, we've grown so much together over the course of our eight years of marriage. Every day gets better and better. And every day cannot possibly begin, or end without her presence in some shape or form. Somehow, she has exactly what I need at any given moment. How is this possible?

I love her. Forever.

Sorry, honey ... I'm drinking your blueberry stout. Again.


THIS guy. This guy was one of the most dynamic of all the oddballs, and slightly obscene characters that crossed our paths over the course of our week long New Orleans vacation. We were looking for some relief from the suffocating crowd during the Creole Tomato Festival, which was really just an excuse to conjure up every imaginable iteration of a bloody mary. A path led us out of the old French Market, across the railroad tracks, and to a nice little patch of greenery on one of the river's banks. Then, THIS guy stops dead on the tracks, and I make a few frames - all the while firing off questions. What have you got for sale?