Liz, 35 weeks

If you haven't already heard the #news, we're expecting ... any day now. So, here's my beautiful wife photographed at home, 35 weeks pregnant.

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day, 2016 was the first really good opportunity for me to explore my new camera, test some potential limitations of the technology by pushing the native ISO really HIGH, and more importantly — scrub the rust off my photo-j chops. What better opportunity than documenting loved ones (and babies)! All in all the day was a beautiful, and quite enjoyable as always.

  • My brother in law and his girlfriend were looking for a quick candid, so we seized the opportunity on the back deck, utilizing a splash of color from my father in law's new umbrellas. 
  • My sister in law has a newborn — the first baby girl of seven grandchildren (one on the way) born to the four siblings. So, naturally prospects of future newborn photography emerge. Hint, hint. : ) And, as always, goofing around with her two older boys is an absolute delight.
  • Finally, no visit is replete without the potential of catching our son somewhat embarrassing moments, or typically illustrating what teenagers do oh so well.

Much love to all of you!

Mom. Need I say more?

I miss you every day.

I know you're just a phone call away.

But, it's just not enough.

Why must we live so far?