The Night Sky

Northeast Ohio get dark – dark enough to capture some fantastic celestial events.

A big thanks go out once again to my good friend, creative partner, and fellow photographer – Rami Daud, for turning me onto the mystique of nighttime photography.

Since my last posting on food photography, I've taken on a handful of new clients, and begun exploring a facet of photography in my downtime previously unknown to me. The wonders of the nighttime sky are absolutely fascinating, as are the potential methods of exploring documenting well publicized celestial events and the sublime moments out there amongst the Milky Way. I've also taken a particular liking to the incorporation of certain architectural elements break up the time spent waiting the heavens to move.

The first attempt.

Observation Park, Montville, Ohio, 2016.

The second attempt.

I-80/Ohio Turnpike from Riverview Road, Peninsula, Ohio, 2016.

Hunter's Moon eve, in anticipation of poor weather on the actual date of a full super moon. This also marked my first use of my own supertelephoto lens for professional work – a trial of sorts, again.

"Hunter's Moon" supermoon eve, Cleveland, 2016.

"Hunter's Moon" supermoon eve, Cleveland, 2016. Hazy conditions provided ambient glow.

"Hunter's Moon" supermoon eve, Cleveland, 2016.

While picking out the prime shooting position to capture the super moon, a little architectural fun.

Turbine, and Rock Hall, Cleveland, 2016.

Taught early on during the days of newsphotography, always look behind you ... or around ... or really, really far beyond your subject. Sometimes, the picture becomes something entirely different from the intended subject matter.

Browns Stadium, and the famous Turbine, Cleveland, 2016.

Skyline architecture, Cleveland, 2016.

The moon never showed due to cloud cover, but between intermittent drizzle, lovely moments of reflection were ample.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, 2016.

William G. Mather, Cleveland, 2016.

Thanks for looking. And, I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them.